Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Attn: California

I cannot articulate my thoughts in words as well as Jon or Holly so I apologize if this seems really confusing to some. I am really distraught and hurt about what happened last night with Prop 8. To many people, this might seem as something that doesn’t affect them and they will get over it because they have other things to look forward to such as the holidays coming up to distract them. That being said, it generally hurts me to see people let alone a government discriminate people and their desire to love others based on religion which should have no place in government. California was suppose to be the groundbreaking state for radical ideas/views/change yet over 5 million voters decided to rip out the rights from them. It didn’t help either that people were so confused that they thought Yes on 8 meant keeping gay marriage along with exposing children in tv ads scaring parents to thinking gay marriage was to be taught in classrooms.

To sum it up I’ll quote a song by Chokehold, a vegan straight edge band from Canada, says in their song Instilled:

Not natural?
Now you're playing God
A hard role to play when you can't prove it exists
Law of nature?
Nothing is written in stone
It's not hard to see love has no sexual preference
Your view of deviance is my view of love and i can only say you're the one that's sick
I'll never live by your bullshit values
I wish you'd see the pain that you inflict

Any excitement I had over Obama being elected has been nullified. Maybe I should break edge and start drinking because I don’t think I can believe anything good coming out of this country, let alone state.

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