Monday, November 17, 2008

"Blind" Double Date and Sports!

Went on a double date with Danny and his girlfriend. It was more of a blind date for me seeing that Danny set it up the night before. We started at La Scala as the three of us sans my mystery date were chatting about life and other silly nonsense. Eventually Alejandra met up with us and I immediately started conversing with her. She is a really nice gal but I can tell she is fairly shy to people she doesn't know. Luckily, I like to joke around a lot so I was trying to be affable and get her to laugh. Shortly thereafter, we went to have a late lunch at Pomegranate and continued talking. We ended our late afternoon/early evening day by getting gelato, I got the soy pumpkin!!! I told her it was really great to hang out with her and that we need to do it again. I think I'll ask her out on a real date to see how it goes without having my buddy Danny and her girlfriend to accompany us.

Fast forward to today...

Sharks took care of business beating Nashville 4-1 as they continue to be the hottest team in the NHL. Shortly there after I switch channels to Monday Night Football to see my Browns play the Bills. As a typical Browns fan, I expected the worst since it's a wonderful traditional yet always have the worst luck. It was an exciting game which led to a game winning field goal and a 29-27 victory!!!

Watch this and tell me this isn't the best thing ever!

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