Saturday, February 28, 2009

A small step towards one of my life goals...

On Friday I received a call from my friend Lonnie who works for a nationally syndicated sports radio talk show in Los Angeles. He will be having his own segment on the World Baseball Classic as well as starting a website devoted to the International Tournament. He asked me if I would like to be one of the writers covering the tournament as he was searching for 4 people to help write columns and blogs. Despite having zero journalism skills nor did I take any classes in college, I enthuasistically accepted the role. He knew that I had no skills in the media or writing but stated that my baseball knowledge was so deep, it would have been foolish to not include me in the website.

The reason why I wrote that is one a dream is because I wanted to get into baseball in any shape or form. Even though I'm covering this brief tournament, it will provide me with the ability to share my thoughts opinions along with the objective findings such as stats so other people can see how I feel when I watch the game of baseball. Details to come soon in terms of the website and info, I have my assignment already which is due on Tuesday.

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