Monday, December 29, 2008

What I've been loving lately

House series

I started Season 1 and currently working my way up to Season 5. This show is so addictive and each character brings their own unique presence to the show

Bill Simmons Podcast

Referred to as "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons combines sports with pop culture references and no apologetic stance of being a passionate Boston sports fan, his podcast is an underground hit with people of all backgrounds and sports knowledge. Best of all, it's free on iTunes!

Blackberry Bold for the Verizon Wireless Carrier.... (TBA)

Verizon Wireless has made a tentative announcement that the Bold, which is currently available for AT&T will be released 1st quarter of 2009. I've been drooling over this phone for over a year as I can't wait to pony up the money and buy one as soon it gets released through Verizon.


ash said...

i am obsessed with hugh laurie

uh-lean-uh said...

Todd and I want to start House from season 1 too haha. I have all the repeat episodes recorded on the dvr so we keep saying we need to start it from day 1.