Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wishful Thinking

I have repeatedly told my family and friends I dont want any presents or gifts this season. I have everything I need. But I still can think what would be awesome to have if I had extra disposable income.

Levis 514's- Such a solid style. Why pay extra $$$ on designer and/or "boutique" denim when Levis stands the tests of time

Lacoste Essential- Went to Macys tonite to try out Lacoste per friends recommendation. Ended up testing 4 different Lacoste colognes and Essential was by far the best one. $49.00 is too steep at the moment.

Alphanumeric Simpson Plaid long sleeve- Simpsons inspired, looks really sharp and goes well with Nike Air Max 95's

Calvin and Hobbes collection set: Contains all the Calvin and Hobbes comic books and strips in leather bound casing!!! Still pretty pricey, hope to have this in my collection since I do have a tattoo of Calvin and Hobbes

Sorry for the poor pictures, I had to take them myself :|


snuttypants said...

i have the same cologne, the ladies love it. well worth it

Stephen said...

Eww, I dont wanna smell the same as you!