Thursday, April 16, 2009

Betting on Sports Rule!!!!

On Wednesday, just after 1 week I narrowly lost $1200 in basketball betting by 1 point, I redeemed myself by getting 5 of 5 correct in my basketball bet and winning $1250.00!!! I put $50 down and have to pick 5 matchups and have to hit all 5 correctly, the probability is ridiculous. The payout was 25-1 so it was well worth it. I immediately withdraw $1200 via check and kept $50 for the NBA playoffs. I feel like celebrating with my new found money but I think the smartest thing was to put it in my savings and build up from it.

Last 4th of July up in Tahoe, I had $200 and played blackjack in a span of less than 5 hours and parlayed that to $2700. Winning the NBA bets seemed more rewarding to me. Although the payout in Tahoe was greater than my NBA bets, because the odds were totally against me yesterday I overcame it.

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brad said...

teach me how to win better at blackjack!