Thursday, April 9, 2009

RIP Nick Adenhart

Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed in a felony hit-and-run car accident early this morning. Two others (one affiliated with the Angels organization) were killed in the crash, and the offender was caught and hospitalized. The 22 year-old had just tossed six scoreless innings the night before, the best performance of his young career.

Although I didn't know him personally and things like this happen all the time, it still hit me really hard to hear about this. Maybe it's because he was only 22 years old but I think it's because since I'm so involved following baseball and spend a lot of time learning about players in a way I kind of knew him. He was considered a promising superstar in the making making his MLB debut last year late in the season.

They eventually caught the person fleeing from the scene and I really hope he gets the justice he deserves. My thoughts goes out to his family for this terrible tragedy.

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