Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Above the Clouds, Above the Ground

In case you did not hear, Joe and I were involved in a hit and run with an SUV while on our bicycles attempting to cross the street to the other side of the Contra Costa Canal Trail. Joe got his back tire clipped causing him to fall and land on his bad left shoulder. I was however not as fortunate as I was hit head on and hit the SUV's hood and flew about 20 ft away from the crosswalk. I laid there for a few minutes with my eyes closed and still in shock that a car actually hit both of us. I then decided to try to move my arms and legs to make sure I wasn't paralyzed and thank goodness I was not.

So after my doctors appointment today I have no broken bones or fractures, just deep bruising, swelling all over my body, and a huge road rash on my right forearm. I would like to thank everyone for their concerns and thoughts as it really meant a lot to me.

I still have terrible thoughts of being flown in the air not knowing where I would land and if the SUV would run me over. Hopefully this doesn't mess me up forever.


Holly said...

oh no, stephen! i'm so sorry! i'm glad to hear you and joe are ok. SUV's SUCK! did the person get out of the car?

Stephen said...

person did not get out of the car. he/she left joe and i lying there. i really wish someone got his license plate. right now i'm sore from head to toe and tons of bruises and swelling.

Ani said...

Stephen! I'm glad you and your friend are okay. I hope your injuries heal soon. :/