Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post Labor Day Weekend

We left for Reno at 5am and went to Starbucks to get some caffeine for the ride up. One of the employees asked why we were up so early on a Sunday and I told him point blank, "We are going to Reno and gambling like the couple of degenerates we are." He looked at me and smiled and didn't care afterward. 2 1/2 hours later we arrive to the Biggest Little City in the World. Before heading to the Grand Sierra Casino, we made a stop to Sonic around 8am and I ended up getting tator tots, chili cheese dogs, and an orange slush.

We sat in the casino sports book area from 9-8:30pm. I ventured my luck to Blackjack with Miguel's lucky straw hat and was doing decent. It wasn't until I was up $80 that I was contemplating leaving the table to continue watching sports when at the last second I decided to put a big stack of chips on the table which was over $120 dollars when to my surprise I hit Blackjack! I ended on that note with an extra $295 in my pocket minus expenses such as gas and food.

We walked around downtown Reno and found the Nugget Diner with the World Famous "Awful Awful Burger" comprised of 1/2 beef with special wheat bun and fixin' and this ginormous basket of seasoned fries.

To cap off the trip we stopped at Sonic again for food to go and I got tator tots with a strawberry slush and Chicken Bacon Texas Toast. I'm never driving home from Reno or Tahoe late night because I didn't realize how tired I was and kept dozing off and braille driving from Auburn to Sacramento...


Holly said...

congrats on your win!! that food is making me hungry :x

uh-lean-uh said...

dude of course we'll go see you if we go out there. I was telling Todd that now we HAVE to go out there because its not just you and its not just them its all of you guys together!