Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Recap

This weekend was wonderful seeing my closest friend Joe take a new step in his life and becoming a husband to a wonderful women Hannah. The wedding was wonderful and seeing those two people smiling and all the emotions they went through made me very emotion as well, although I did not visible show it. Aside from the actual ceremony, the highlight of Friday was me catching the garter belt that Joe tossed. Call it fate or whatnot but it seemed fitting that I've known Joe since the 6th grade (14 years) and he's considered my unofficial best friend. I guess this means I'll be in a relationship soon, who knows though. Pictures of the wedding will come soon. Overall I'm glad the wedding was a success and I wish nothing but the best for Hannah and Joe. It really puts things into perspective as times are changing while we get older and in one way things are growing apart between friends, new relationships are coming closer together.

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