Friday, September 19, 2008

White Wedding Day

Today is the big day for my really good friend Joe who is getting married today at 6pm. Yesterday we had the rehearsal which was brutal because it was really bright and sunny out making it obvious that we were visibly sweaty. I'm working a half day today and getting a spiffy haircut and maybe using my sunglass hut giftcards to buy a nice new pair of sunglasses.

Although Joe had requested that I not do a speech at the dinner due to time constraints, I have something up my sleeve and plan to do an impromptu quick speech that hopefully will get everyone in the room all teary eyed :P Everyone keeps asking me if I feel nervous or excited about the wedding and my honest answer is that I feel neither. To me it seems like a regular day but with two people getting married. I really have no responsibilities with the wedding and all I do besides stand at the alter is help assist people to their chairs before the wedding. Maybe a part of me feels envious of Joe and Hannah's happiness or maybe that's how I always operate, as if I don't care about anything and just go on with it.

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